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Most investors are used to investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. However, data shows that investing in real estate has outperformed investment in stocks & bond market. Emerging markets have an even higher return as compared to established markets.The challenge for many is that most institutional quality commercial real estate opportunities are in millions of dollars which is too high for individual investors.

However, with the Afriscaper platform, with as little as $1,000, investors can now invest in lucrative real estate deals such as malls, commercial residential estate, office building, industrial estate, self-storage, event venue, retail or hospitality in emerging markets.

Leveraging on technology, Afriscaper is an online marketplace for real estate investing and allows the pooling of funds from multiple people to foster direct investment in specific real estate deals.This is called real estate crowd-funding and this is the future of real estate investing.

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Pre-Vetted Projects

Each real estate listing on the Afriscaper platform is pre-vetted and due-diligence is carried out by professionals

Direct Investment

Investors invest directly in specific projects. Unlike REITS, you can pick which real estate deal you want to be involved in.

No Fees

There are no fees to join Afriscaper. Investors commit a minimum of $1,000 to any project that matches thier investment goals

Types of Investment Properties

On the Afriscaper platform, investors can invest in real estate opportunities in emerging markets such as retail malls, commercial residential estates, office buildings, industrial estates, warehousing & storage structures, event venues, retail or hospitality structures.

Afriscaper works with the best-in-class sponsors. These sponsors have typically acquired over $50m in real estate at their current firm and have at least 5 years of experience in acquiring, managing and reselling real estate.

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