Afriscaper Introduces Report by Request (RbR)

Afriscaper, a market research and consulting company has introduced a new program that helps organizations and individuals request for customized market research reports in emerging markets.

The program called “Report by Request”(RbR) combines superior customer service and technology to deliver customized market research for various industries in emerging markets from as low as $999 (Comparable reports typically start from $5,000 and can go as high as $50,000!)

Helping You Make Better Decisions in Emerging Markets

Information on emerging markets can be scarce. Business leaders typically need information to make strategic business decisions and Afriscaper’s RbR Program helps provide answers to questions that will help you make better decisions, leveraging on our existing database of knowledge on emerging markets (See our report store)

About Afriscaper Research

Afriscaper is a market research and information services provider focused on emerging markets.

Emerging markets are some of the fastest growing economies, however, with high rewards come high risks. Afriscaper helps navigate the emerging market waters.


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