China On Track To Find The Most Viable Uses For Blockchain

China On Track To Find The Most Viable Uses For Blockchain – Debo Omololu (Afriscaper)

On Saturday, July 28, 2018, Afriscaper Research & Consulting organized a blockchain event with the theme ‘”What’s This Blockchain Thing All About?’

The event started off with a networking session where attendees got to know themselves as they were arriving.

Blockchain Fair Attendees Getting To Know Each Other


Session Introducing Blockchain

Thereafter, several speakers spoke about different topics related to Blockchain.

Representing the organizers, Debo Omololu of Afriscaper Research & Consulting kicked things off with a simplistic definition of Blockchain and how its affecting various facets of endeavors. Debo also highlighted that ‘By separating crypto-currencies from the underlying blockchain technology, China is on track to find the most valuable uses for blockchain in the near future’.

You can download his presentation titled “Introduction To Blockchain” here.

Merculet Empowering Blockchain Enabled Businesses

Up next was Douglas Dueno, Director of Global Business Development at Merculet, a content Distribution network that leverages blockchain.

Douglas spoke about the pioneering work being developed by Merculet and how the Merculet platform allows companies to engage users of business products or services using a tokenized service provided for free.

See link to view and download Douglas’ presentation.



Does Blockchain Have a Soul?

Ting Peng, Vice President of Business Development at Bee News, a blockchain backed media organization took a session focused on the social goals of blockchain with a session titled ‘Does Blockchain Have A Soul?’

Ting made several predictions related to blockchain including the ability of blockchain allowing people monetize their own data, rather than third parties (like Facebook) monetizing user data.



Launch of Afriscaper’s Blockchain Report

During the event, Afriscaper also launched a report on China’s Blockchain Industry. The report includes key players, the direction of China’s Government Policy on Blockchain, key drivers of growth of the industry and much more.

You can find out more about Afriscaper’s China Blockchain Report here.

China Blockchain Industry Report



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