Doing Business in China Market Report 2019

[Shanghai, January 17, 2019]

Afriscaper Research & Consulting announces the addition of a report, ‘China: Doing Business Guide 2019’ to its report store collection.

The Report is useful to individuals and organizations interested in exporting, importing or expanding operations to China. This includes individual business people, foreign-run organizations in China, multinational organizations, entrepreneurs, companies involved in servicing foreign run organizations (eg business registration companies), trading companies, startups, chambers of commerce, association’s, investors, universities, embassies and consulates, media organizations etc doing business (or planning to do business in China).

China is Hard To Ignore

Despite trade tensions between the US and China, it’s growing middle class of over 500 million people is hard to ignore and China remains a preferred location for international expansion for most businesses.

China Doing Business Guide

One of the unique things about our report is that we view things from a non-Chinese point of view, thereby being able to identify and address pain points foreign organizations feel in China as a result of cultural differences.

The report is available in digital format and each download provides lifetime access.


Our report, which was independently produced by our organization’s research team, leveraged interviews, government documents and other sources to produce a concise and practical guide to enable decision making.

About Afriscaper Research

Afriscaper is a market research and information services provider focused on emerging markets.

Emerging markets are some of the fastest growing economies, however, with high rewards come high risks. Afriscaper helps navigate the emerging market waters.

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