Giving Yourself Good Advice...And Not Following It

In the time honored Walt Disney animation adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the main character, Alice, is heard talking to herself and saying:

I give myself very good advice,
But I very seldom follow it,
That explains the trouble that I’m always in

Running a market intelligence firm, I see this happening a lot to start-ups and in well established organizations. We give ourselves good advice, but sometimes its hard to follow it and then we land in trouble.

Marketing research usually involves collecting information that is already available in disparate places and then organizing the information in a logical, easy-to-execute format.

At its core, marketing research uses data to analyse the relationship between a company and its existing or potential customers. This data is used to help the company meet its customers ever-changing needs, and by extension drive growth.

Customer needs change constantly and businesses need to keep abreast of occurrences in the market place. Business owners, carry a lot of information in their minds but the ability to deploy this knowledge into actionable plans in tandem with changing customer needs is why the the best companies hire marketing research firms like Afriscaper.

My summary in this article is that decision makers in business organizations need to find market researchers that will help them focus on their business goals and business growth. If you choose to consider Afriscaper, we would be honored to speak with you on how we can help drive your business growth. See below about us as well as how you can reach us.

About Afriscaper

Afriscaper is a market research and market entry advisory company focused on emerging markets. We provide market intelligence to help companies grow their investments, business, and exports in emerging markets in Africa and Asia.

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