Online Men's Shirt Startup Allows Women Shop For Men

An online startup for customized Men’s shirts, MatchU, is targeting women who wish to buy shirts for the men in their lives (usually as gifts for fathers, husbands, boyfriends or sons).

According to MatchU, “In 2017, Australian women accounted for 26% of men’s clothes purchased online”. Research indicates that online menswear purchases by women reached US$214m in 2017 and this trend is expected to continue in 2018 and for the foreseeable future”.

Why MatchU is Targeting Women Buyers

MatchU says the main buyers of its shirts are men. However, the company says it recognizes that the way women shop for their own clothes is slightly different from shopping for men’s clothes.

During random interviews conducted in Sydney and Melbourne, several women expressed difficulty shopping for men online. Kathy, one of the interviewees, said ‘I like buying clothes for my husband because I like him looking good, The problem is that I can never remember all those things like neck-size, chest size, waist size and all those other things in menswear’.

MatchU’s Solution

What MatchU does is to provide customized shirts for men using visual aids such as shirt fit, shoulder type, stomach type and back type. This means women don’t need to know the exact measurements, but MatchU uses proprietary technology to develop a ‘Perfect Fit‘ for the man in your life.

You also have the choice of initials embroidery on the cuff or collar to further customize your gift.

MatchU Shirts seem reasonably priced and come with a replacement or returns guarantee; just in case the shirt you order doesn’t fit, the shirt can be replaced or returned.

Learn More

To learn more on how MatchU works or to view shirt offerings from MatchU, use this link or image below.

MatchU Shirts Order Image

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