Custom Research

In addition to the standard reports we provide for various industries in emerging markets, we conduct customized research for our clients to help in decision making and ultimately to business growth!
Afriscaper will help you grow your company, by getting you to think about future opportunities.

Our approach is simple:

  1. We help you to understand the key drivers of your industry in emerging markets
  2. We develop an informed opinion of your industry’s future┬áby analyzing emerging trends
  3. We help to develop a successful growth strategy for the target market that will increase your sales.

Our economists and engineers work hard every day to combine software and content. We deliver a unique user experience that enables you to find the exact information you are looking for and to answer the questions relevant to your organization’s growth.

The customized reports we develop include Go-To-Market (GTM) reports, business strategy and other market research reports.
  • Providing Answers To Your Questions

    We help clients answer questions such as:

  • Where should we invest?
  • How big is the potential market?
  • How are our competitors performing?
  • Where is there a gap in the market?
  • How do we navigate risks in this market?
  • What are the buying habits of our customers?
  • Is the market fully aware of our proposition?
  • How can we improve our external messaging?
Who Are You Dealing With?
Clients also hire Afriscaper if they want to know more about companies in emerging markets that they potentially want to do business with. We are currently building one of the most comprehensive company profiles for the leading companies in select emerging markets in Africa, Latin America & Asia.